Roles of computer in education

·         Computers are a brilliant help with learning.
·         Computers force in distance education.
·         Computer software can help improve the presentation of information.
·         Computers access the Internet for information about literally everything is there.
·         Computer hard drives and storage devices are a great way to store data.
·         Computers play a vital role in every field.
·         They help process industries, they find application in medicine; These are the reasons why the software industry developed and thrived, and they play an important role in learning.
·         This is also the reason why teaching computer education was made a part of school curriculum.
·         They use computer technology almost every area of ​​life, it is important that everyone, at least the basics of using computers.
·         Computers used in teaching allows students with modern tools and knowledge to teach him ready for possible technological changes in the future.
·         Computers are often used to study for applications such as communications, distribution of teaching materials, distance learning, performing class work and recording. In some cases, it can even computing an educational requirement; For example, some graduate and professional schools require students to have a laptop computer.