Uses the computer at home and Education

                             1. Home Budget:
                        You can easily calculate home budget in a spreadsheet program to calculate savings by introducing a range of revenue and expenses in another column.
                        2. Computer games:
                        Nowadays computer games are not only fun but also learning and skills.
                        3. Home Opportunity:
                        You can work from home using different software like telnet and team viewer.
                        You can watch the competitions, films, ceremonies and hear the audio stuff. You can also books, magazines, journals, newspapers, tutorials to download skills learning.
                        chatting; You can add text, voice and video over the internet.
                        USE OF COMPUTER IN EDUCATION
                        1. Computer Based Training:
CBT is inexpensive solution to train a large number of skills in a large number of people in less time at their own pace.
                        2. Computer-aided learning:
                        Use the computer with both teachers and students can save their time and effort.
                        3. ONLINE EDUCATION:
                        Many websites established institutions are offering online degrees through online teaching and assessing students online.
                        4. Distance learning:
                        Students can get education without going out and attending classes at fixed time frame. For most of the students to attend some campus near their residence. Setup Virtual University is an example of online education.
                        5. Online Research:
                        Online research is based on MCQs. The results were announced without any delay. Exams various international certifications are held online. MCSC Microsoft and CCNA are examples of online research.