Project or Phase Close

Close the stage of a project is as important as the other phases.
The results of the Close phase are:
• The formal acceptance by the sponsor / client
- Outstanding items closed
- Client sign-off documentation
The best way to ensure that you get the formal approval or sign-off is to get sign-off on the entire project. Each time you reach a certain milestone and Group Work Packages, ask to sign off. so that:
- Stay on track
- The client / sponsor should be kept informed of progress
- The client / sponsor will have a chance to tell you if you go off track - It's easier to get the final sign-off at the end of the project
• Support organizations
- Personnel evaluations completed
- Budget reports completed
• Connect contract supplier
- Check results
- Payment completed
- Signoff documentation for suppliers
• Lessons learned
- Internal / external meetings tests
- Identify differences in baseline plan and corrective action
-Results Risk Assessment -
- Category positive and negative results
- Documents
Success factors: Identify the lessons during the project at each team meeting, and not just at the end. This allows you to use the lessons of the current project.
• Celebrate project near
Celebration does not have to be expensive or a large party. It can be a pizza
team, a glass is a thing on a Friday afternoon, or a person carrying cakes and cookies.
It is important to do because:
• The team members found that the project has a clear end
• Motivation is stronger for the next project
• We get to celebrate our team
• It enables people to move, psychological
So, just to remind you again in the Process of Project: