Project Planning Checklist

Project Step
Step Description
Scope Planning
Developing a Scope Statement- detailing what the Project will achieve.
Project Charter
Scope Statement

Why, what, when, Who, how much, where, how many?
Team Development
Creating the Team

Scope Definition
Subdividing the scope into deliverables
Scope Statement
Work Breakdown Structure

Activity Definition
Subdividing the work packages into activities
Work Breakdown Structure
Activity List
MS Project?
Activity Sequencing
Identifying interdependencies between Activities
Activity List
Project Network diagram
By Activity or by Work Packages
Activity Duration Estimating
Estimating the each time activity / work package tasks
Project Network diagram

Take into account the resources available, the effort and duration required
Schedule  Development
Developing the Project Schedule
Project Network Diagram
Schedule (Gantt)

Staff Acquisition
Getting the right people
Schedule (Gantt)
Project staff assigned
Get the best people for work; negotiate with line managers
Estimating Cost
Estimate the cost of Project
Schedule (Gantt)
Budget cost
Take into account the duration, efforts required, and other Expenses
Risk Management Planning
Defining the procedure for Managing risk

risk management plan
What are the risks threshold; how to manage; when to held conferencing, etc.
Project Development Plan
Defining the Integrated project Plan
All subsidiary Project Plan
Project plan
First do all of the individual plan, then combine into Integrated project Plan
Quality Planning
Defining the procedures for quality management

Quality management plan

Communication planning
Defining the procedures for communications management

Communication management plan

What; when; where; to whom; how; by whom;
Risk identification
Brainstorm all possible risks
WBS; Experience; risk categories
Risk List
Use negative brainstorming
Risk analysis
Ranking risks by importance (Impact x Probability)
Risk List
Ranked Risk List

(excel spreadsheet)
Risk Response planning
Creating action to take lower probability or impact
Ranked Risk List
Risk Action Plan
(same excel
spreadsheet -
people responsible and end

Planning  of procurement
Determine what to buy and how
Procurement management plan
Roles of PM in Procurement; Roles of Purchasing department

purchase of goods or services
for project
Procurement management plan