Project Planning

Now that we are on our projects analyzed in more detail, and understood the category of the project, criticality, stakeholders, the Sponsor and requirements, we are ready to start planning projects.
The Project Management Plan describes how I plan to manage the changes:
• Scope
• Time
• Cost
• problem
• Risk
• quality
• Communication
• Resources

It is a method or a set of procedures. Once defined, can be reused in other projects.
It describes the steps that will be taken, who will take it, when and how.
The Project Management Plan is a living document, evolving as the project evolves.
The following is a list of key deliverable Project Management Plan.
• Project Management Approach
• Work Breakdown Structure (the level at which control is exercised)
• Budget
• Planned start and end date
• Responsibility Chart / Assignments
• Change Control plan / system
• Baselines Performance Measurement
• Major Milestones and their deadlines
• Resources
• Risk Management Plan
• Open Issues
• Pending decisions
• Project Graphics
It is important to be through this list and decide what is appropriate for your project.
At the beginning of the project, we can only have a high level of understanding of the various deliverable (e.g, we can only be a total budget or end date) and has not been able to provide additional details. As we advance the project, we will be able to fill more and more details.
For example:
 Project Planning Checklist
Kick-Off Meeting
Work Breakdown Structure 
Network Diagram
Gantt Chart
Managing Risks