Roles in Teams

These are the natural roles to play men's teams. Each role is essential for a high performing team. Meredith Belbin has the following list of roles that people play in teams that developed:
Organizer - The role of the organizer is to lead the group, but it does not seem to take on an arrogant way. They are dominant without being overly assertive.
President - The President of the concern is to win in order to achieve the goal by putting every effort into the process. They are highly motivated. They have a high level of nervous energy and a great need for performance.
Doers - The offender has been good and focuses on details. Robust doers perpetrators of the schemes devised by others. Doers prefer to work alone.
Creative - They are creative and innovative. You are responsible for the production of imaginative new ideas and new approaches them. They are very clear; their ideas are often radical and practical constraints sometimes overlooked.
Enlightener - Enlightener Sea, as the name suggests, is good at finding out what is available and what can be done. They ask to make sure that everyone understands, and to clarify the information.
Evaluator - Reviewers was very good at balancing the facts, carefully considering the pros and cons of each option, and eventually arrive at an informed decision.
Co-worker - the worker is a good communicator, confident, sensitive and caring. They tend to put the goals of the group, and the proper functioning of group maintenance themselves for their own personal ambitions.
Finaliser - The Finaliser attention to detail. They are hard working and honest. As the title suggests, they are good at picking up the loose ends and tie them.