Uses of Internet

We use the Internet for various purposes.
i. Online education
The Internet provides the opportunity to get online education. Many websites of several universities give lectures and tutorials on various programs. You can also download the lectures or tutorials on your own computer. You can listen to lectures repeatedly and gets knowledge. It is very cheap and easy way to get an education. It is also called E-Learning (Electronic Learning).
ii. Information sharing
Internet allows you to share information, knowledge and thoughts with others. Sharing information via the Internet is easy, cheap and fast. If you get bore and want to talk to someone you can start chatting to everyone. The various categories include for information sharing like news, directories, reports, contracts, training materials, etc. Through discussion groups, you can meet online with people of similar interests.
iii. News
You can get the latest news on every fields of the world through Internet. Like politics, sports, weather, and fashion etc. Most newspapers are also available on the Internet. They have their own websites. There you can get the latest news on world events.
iv. Online medical advice
Many websites are available on the Internet to get information about different diseases. You can consult an online panel of doctors to get advice about a medical problem. Moreover, a lot of material available on the Internet for medical research as well.
v. Communication
The Internet is the fastest way of communicating with each other in the world. You can send a message via e-mail. A fax message can be sent to a fax machine. There is the possibility of teleconference via internet. You can chat with your friends and family members. With Chat you can also see your loved ones.
vi. Entertainment
The Internet is also source of entertainment.  In your leisure time you can watch movies and plays, listen to songs and music, see dance. You can watch interviews of celebrities. Children can play online games. They can even download some games. They can also watch cartoons. You can listen to the radio. In other words, you can enjoy in many ways as you like.
vii. Online shopping and services
Many types of services are available on the internet. You can online order goods and services of your choice. You do not need to go anywhere. You can also sell things on the internet. You can pay and receive money on the internet. These operations are executed by credit card.
viii. Free Programs 
The software that is distributed free of charge is called freeware. On the Internet, thousands of freeware are available.
ix. Advertising
Many companies advertise on the Internet. There are many forms of advertising on the Internet. The advertising rates are lower than those paid for other media. This way effective and product is also viewed globally.

x. Collection of Information
Internet provides web information on almost any topic. Billions of websites contain different information in the form of text, graphics, videos, sounds, pictures etc. The scientists, writers, technicians and many others gather updated information for different purposes. Typically, the information on the Internet is free. We can get information 24 hours a day on the Internet.
xi. Online Airlines and Railway schedules
Many Airlines and Railways offer their flight and train schedules on the Internet. Airlines and Railways reservations systems contain airline schedules, rates, reservations and reports of passenger tickets.

xii. Searching jobs
People can search different kinds of jobs for them via Internet. Many companies offer the option of applying for a job online. You can find a job of your choice.
xiii. Research
 Internet is a vast store of information; it is a great resource for research too. Thousands of books, thesis, research papers and other informative types of documents are available on the Internet. Internet provides us Research information up dates.