What is the Internet?

The Internet (sometimes called Net) is a global connection of computers across the network. It is used by hundreds of millions of people connected to each other around the world. It can be accessed through a telephone wire, cable or satellite transmission. It is made up of thousands of smaller, national, regional, government, academic and commercial networks.
Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world. This is an important communication technology used by commercial companies and government agencies to support the trade and interaction with customers and suppliers. Many people use the internet every day, at work and at home. Throughout the world, the Internet is used as a primary source of  information and communication. More than 650 million people widely use the Internet. A large number of books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia, and other types of materials are available in electronic form. We can find information about almost every topic in the world and gain access to the latest information and news. It means that the Internet is an ocean of knowledge. In addition to finding information, we can interact to other people around the world. As a result of the Internet, our world has become a "Global Village". Now, the information can be accessed from any region of the world.