Conflicts in Project Management

We all natural act or react in a certain way when faced with conflict. No bad or wrong way. There are ways that work better than others in certain situations. Thomas Kilmann with the following matrix the various techniques used by the people to manage state conflict developed:
 Figure: Conflict Management Strategies
There are times when it is necessary to "force", and times when we can choose our battles.
If possible, try the "Collaboration" strategy. It may be give surprising results, and in any case will lose the conflict in the air, is replaced by solving a common problem.
Instead of using the words "you" and "I", we begin with the words "us" and "we" use.
We stop taking position, and begin to see the bigger picture and more creative about solutions.
For success explain the different strategies with your team, make the Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument questionnaire, and to try to use Collaboration strategy as possible.