CUMULATIVE FILE:- This may be little more than a profile card with personal identification data, standardized test scores and report cards.
CONFIDENTIAL FILE:- This is often kept in the school district’s central administrative office, where the special education program offices are located. The file typically includes:-
• All of the reports written as a result of the school’s evaluation for special education and related services
• Records of independent educational evaluations, if your child was evaluated this way
• Medical records you’ve agreed to release to the school
• Results of vision and hearing tests done by the school
• Summary reports of the evaluation team and eligibility committee meetings
• Your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)
• Correspondence between you and school personnel
COMPLIANCE FILE:- This file shows that the school system has met the timeline , notification and consent regulations required by federal law. The records in this may include:-
• Reports of eligibility determination meetings for children being considered for special education services
• Correspondence between school officials, including notifications ad consent
DISCIPLINE FILE:- This may include notes about behaviour and discipline issues that involve long-term suspension or expulsion. If a student has a behaviour intervention plan ((MP), it may be filed here.
ATTENDANCE FILE:- This contains a record of a student’s school attendance. It might also include notes from parents regarding excused absences.


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