A collision involving motor vehicles that results in minor damage is called fender bender. Fender bender on the disputing parties has conflicting interests.
Many a times even careful and attentive drivers casual small engine to meet car accident; and the opposite situation arises. Unnecessary complications can be prevented if one knows how to deal with and react in such circumstances.
Surviving a Fender-Bender
Here are some important tips that every driver must be familiar with.
1. Keep calm
2. Call the police
3. Exchange information
4. Consider your deductible
5. Contact your insurance company
6. Get an estimate and repairs
1. Keep calm
Keep your cool and do not engage in shouting their own.
2. Call the police
Call the police to report the accident, even if it is small.
3. Exchanging Information
Record the following information on a piece of paper.
1. Name, address and telephone number of the other driver (s) involved
2. Name and address of the owner of the car (if different from the driver)
3. Place of Accident
4. Driving license number
5. Year, make and model of car (s) involved
6. License plate numbers
7. Name the auto insurance company and policy number
8. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of any passengers / witnesses
9. Any damage to your car or other vehicle (s) involved
Auto insurance company name and policy number
4. Consider your own risk
Your deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket when a claim is made.
For example, if your deductible is Rs.5000 and Rs.20, 000 appreciate your car needs repairs; you may only receive Rs.15, 000 from the insurance company. You are responsible for the first Rs.5000 a repair you.
5. Check with your insurance company
If you and the other driver do not decide to pay for your own repairs, contact your insurance company immediately. If you do not report the accident to your insurance company, and the other driver reports her, it can work against you if the case ends up in arbitration.
6. Get an estimate and repairs

Take your car to an auto repair shop and get an estimate for how much it will cost to fix any problem which is the result of the mudguard bender. Some insurance companies may require two separate Estimates from two different repair shops.