General Principles of Assessment

      Validity: Assess what you want to measure or assess what you are going to measure.
        Reliability:  Make sure assessment criteria and marking schemes is reliable
      Transparency : Make sure assessment is in line with the learning outcomes. There must be link between outcomes and assessment criteria is clear.
       Authenticity: Make sure your methods are appropriate to what is being assessed and be alert to plagiarism and other forms of cheating.
       Fairness and Equity : All students should have similar opportunities to succeed. Assessment practices should not discriminate unfairly between students or disadvantage any individual or group.
       Lasting Learning: There is value to learning some things by rote but not a lot, so your approach should be driven by an interest in retained learning rather than the testing of what students will soon forget.

      Feedback : All learners require feedback to learn and we need to convince our students that assessment is about learning.         We need to do everything we can to provide feedback that is timely, appropriate, understood and used