Role of assessment , measurement and test in teaching and learning process

          Assessment is the systematic gathering and analyzing of information to inform and improves the process of teaching and learning.
Ø  It is concerned with whole process of education.
Ø  It involves evaluation of data.
Ø  It is a continues process.
Ø  It judges the worth or value.
Ø  It interprets numeric.
Ø  It evaluates percentage.
          Measurement is the process of obtaining a numerical description of the degree to which an indusial possesses particular characteristics.
Ø  It is means to obtain information in quantitative form.  
Ø  It is concerned with test and examination.
Ø  It involves collection of data.
Ø  It describes a situation.
Ø  It is component of evaluation.
Ø  It provides results in numeric.
Ø  It provides percentage.
Ø  A test is a set of questions, each of which has correct answer that examinee usually answers orally or in writing.
Ø  It is an instrument or systematic procedure.
Ø  It is a means of measuring the knowledge, skill, feeling, intelligence or aptitude of an individual or group.
Ø  It identify what students have learned.
Ø  It identify student strengths and weaknesses.

Ø  It provide a way to measure a teacher and/or school's effectiveness.