"From Constantinople, NY, a small town a short distance from Oneida Lake, Martin Updike, a young but capable lawyer, who less than a year was set in place, suddenly moved to Kansas City a condition of great interest. He had appealed to Baffler, Kidge & Co., wholesale dry goods merchant in New York. a younger member of this firm is a cluster of Updike and used his influence to set a friend of a friend's case. the requirements against Owen haymaker, who kept a shop in Kansas City for a few months, and created a sensation by big things he suffered. the old dealer who had become gray in the belief that they are the keepers of the western companies' represented, cast their eyes and shook their heads when they were confronted with a unique method of magdadayam i, who was unable to come out of a sincere and somnolente East. he offered the most extraordinary bargains sometimes, sailing, lawn sales S, laces, ribbons and other items for about one-twentieth of their costs; And the result is a wild scramble for customers, who all want beforehand. He explained excursion trains from being empty space and brought consumers free of charge at his door, where the rugs were scattered on the sidewalk to fill them, and the people to give them love. Sometimes he went so far as the best local brass band in a cheap concert behind his great 'emporium'; And, inspired by music, its customers against the enemy flew as active as he ran into a skating rink. But when his wealth is the highest point, she lost not secure, and had accidentally some major accounts; And it seems that he was transferred to the removal of two banks in Kansas City worth more than twenty thousand dollars; His illegal gains totaled about one hundred thousand dollars.

A few days before his departure, his wife took the car, apparently to visit friends in the east; But detectives are convinced that he changed his route and went to Canada, maybe with him had a share of the spoils, and Owen haymaker is there with him. No clew determined enough, however, can be obtained to allow his pursuit and capture. Before he went to Constantinople, Martin Updike called Ms. Angie Breese (daughter of Mr. Calvert Breese, a prominent merchant and exquisite provincial politics magnate) and told him about the affair. "If I can manage to pay the claim for Baffler, Kidge & Co.," he says, "it would make my fortune." "You can do that by staying at home," says Angie, who is currently Martin had hoped to marry. And it is quite an achievement for him when he returned after a few weeks, without having achieved anything. "It was a complete wreck," he said, as they sat together again to speak in lofty, old, fashionele living room of his father's house, overlooking the fine porch generated by majestic, sewer shaped wooden columns. "Man is nothing left we can get, and all lived to trace him again." "Well, we have done much better than this," Angie said. "There are many things going on. Do you heard about the dance with Mrs. Gen. Kalender's?" 'No.' '' Oh, you should have been there! "Angie resumed. "It's just a ball and would have done well to get all the attention I got to see. My dance card is full and you know a card for a cup of joy, filled to the brim and overflowing. Eben and I almost run over other people in one of our rolls. '' What, Eben Taft Asked Martin, heroïstisch hard not to look envious. "Yes," he says. "Eben is so thoughtful! Why do you believe that we are amazing, he and I? "Updike felt like he began to disappear in a cloud of gloom.
"Maybe it's just as well that I was not there," he remarked on what is commonly called a significant air, although he probably could not give a reasonable explanation of the meaning. "That's the way you look at it," Angie said, and gave a friendly little pout. "But we also had a new sensation Cullenders. Did you hear that?" Updike began to irritate references to things he did not know. '' How can I hear it? "He asked." You are not the first to whom I have spoken since I came back. "" Well, I'll tell you, "Angie said, cheerfully ignoring his annoyance." There is a new arrival, a widow, she seems Mrs. Garrish. He was in the house of General cullender received directly to him, and Mrs. cullender invited her to the party. It was the best they had experienced such a sensation when there was no reason. But they did it largely because the boys all loved her and the women usually do not. And now there is a big question whether we will visit her or not. "" That question, "Updike said with a shade of sarcasm, he was flattering, is rather delicate," should be decided according to the way you look at it. If the male hair like it, they should be pleasant. "" Oh, very attractive. He was quiet and sweet, and seems not to attract attention, but it is equally for him. "" He has a great presence? "Updike asked mechanically," Yes, a lot of presence, "laughed Angle gay guy." And many lack even the trance. He seemed to lose himself in reveries and with a tragic way, as if he had a lot of problems. But he was dressed oh, wonderful! The finest diamonds Mom has not yet decided to ask her, because no one knows anything about him. Now you see what you've missed by being away. Even if you can not talk to us about Mrs. Garrish. '' That's too bad, Updike returned. "But when I saw him, I would probably be inclined to others talk about him." "What? Oh, I see! Tell someone else is going to his side." "Exactly," said Martin. "If there is a prejudice against a person, you know I'm always on the defensive." "I know," Angie said, "what dad about you: you always 'the other side', so much so that you even want to compete against yourself. That's why you is such a good lawyer, he says. "" Because I argue with myself? "Martin asked, trying to put aside the compliment" No, "Angie said, blushing;. "But because you see so carefully on both sides, and attack your position, until you learn how to defend it." "I dare say, yes, I dare say," answered that Updike perceive what He reflected how often he lost the argument about his chances of winning the heart of Angie. And he wondered whether the frequent reports his position strong boost. But she could not see how that could be possible. he recovered himself a funny superiority of age and wisdom. "Your father was a very kind and judgmental," she says, "and I hope, Mrs Angie, you will benefit themselves and follow my example." "I do not see how I can," he said when they get up to give him good afternoon, "Because I myself am a lawyer myself." Martin was strongly tempted to ask: "But I can not give you permission to be a wife of a lawyer?" Before he could decide about the extraordinary outer door of the Greco-Roman portico swung open and the Hon. Breese Calvert stepped into the hallway. "Ah, Martin," he said, and showed his wrinkled visage, with a slightly earthy brown like old parchment is colored open door. "Just go! Come evening tea. I want to talk to you." Updike knows that this is a conference about politics and he accepted the invitation. When he left home, he did not go to Oneida Street, instead of going directly to his office, so he residence in the newly arrived Mrs. Garrish can pass.
It is a cozy cottage with stunning hoektoring buried in fruit trees. The curtain is up, but no one can see on the ground. "What childish curiosity in me to come here!" He grew himself. However, when he returned to breeses' for tea, he was hoping that he had spoken hears something about the newcomer Angie. But the night passed in study Hon. Calvert, who was a young lawyer working in the approaching campaign state, and is intended to ensure Updike as a reward for past services, the party's nomination for Assembly Members district. Updike's' childish curiosity, however, was destined to be happy the next day. Around noon, a woman came to his office while he was there alone. "I was advised to come here," he said shyly, "by General cullender." Updike gave a little start, made up his mind. "Kalender? Then you're new tenant, Mrs. Garrish." "Oh yes," said Martin; "I know, I will be happy if I can be of service." He was richly dressed, he noted, though dark, inconspicuous colors; But the thick prison hid the upper part of his face, was pleased with him. "I asked the general," he continued with a soft voice floated through the brains of Martin Updike, like the memory of the night of the summer, "about investing. But he did not want advice. He always is better to get a lawyer to take care of your farm and recommend "his show melodic gave Prosaische word unbusiness-like beauty, and Updike replied with pleasure." If you tell me what makes your property is currently Mrs. Garrish, which might be the best way to go. "" Yes, "he admitted." But Mr. Updike, let me ask, where do you know me? "he was surprised. "You know why this meeting with you gives me pleasure?" "But I'm sure we've met before," said the girl, her veil with such delicate grace drawing that looks just so she could see him better not show his face. Admiration and excitement is now added to the importance of Updike, when he returned to his gaze. She had beautiful eyes met hers, mixed with dark gray and brown tones, where the soft, deep colors often seen in a Superior agate lake. and it has a beautiful face which he saw as calm in fact, the eyes reflected the whole woman, seemed cool, calming and quiet immediately stand out the truth about him, while Mrs. Garrish added with a quiet smile. . "do not you remember that Long Branch? '" Eva! "Updike exclaimed, and ran to his feet." Tuthill Eva! "" Hush, "said the girl, without anxiety, but in a tone which is controlled him. "The name is not edited!" "Why not?" He asked. "What reason is there to hide?" Ms. Garrish sighed. "I'll tell you all along and for these reasons. But it is a long story." He leaned back, as if the weight of sad memories suppressed her suddenly. The lawyer went invisibly in a hushed and sympathetic mood. "You do not know how wonderful it is to see you again," he said dreamily. "And so you stayed here with us you will come aunt?" "He is dead," replied Mrs. Garrish weak, as if they laid a wreath of flowers on a grave. "I am alone in the world." "But you mrs. Garrish now. Your wife, she is also '' Ah! 'She held next after that word." It's just that you and I met in Long Branch, but since then many happened a few years ago. "again there was a pause." my wife is still living. "Updike took the floor and raised the tempo finally he asked, hesitated." are you divorced? "started him to confound the situation, a little unpleasant, perhaps risky. Angie and her mother, and the ladies of Mrs. cullender's had maybe right in looking at Mrs. Garrish a little dislike. But his way of disarming the mind. "It is painful to talk about," he says. " when Gen. cullender gave me your name, and I found that you yourself have lived here, I know I need to explain. But then I knew I would find an old friend of yours, and that made it easier. My wife left me. "She versteek his face in his hands for a moment and shook Updike in his own short-term justice." Is not that enough for me to say now? "Asked his guest, and looked at her with pale deception." he has done worse. But no, I can not tell you now! "This time he turned his face away, which rose half a movement, and Martin began to worry that he would not drop his veil themselves more. But they did not . he reached in his walk near him. "Believe me," he says with genuine emotion, "I am very sad to hear this." the vision came back to him from a vacation in Long Branch fell his fortune. That was when he was a student village, before he came to Constantinople. he recalled Eva Tuthill as gorgeous girl among the many beautiful things in the sea, where he stayed with his aunt. he recalled how short a sentimental friendship between himself and Eve were excellent; the long summer nights and the holle kreuning the breakers below the bluff. his heart was soft, and war med himself with the desire to protect her from any possible objections. "But you can not say," she shoved him after they had talked for a while. "I came here to escape from the past and hide myself. After that, when the appropriate time comes, will be clear to everyone else. I trusted you, Mr. Updike." Absolutely, " he assured her. Mrs. Garrish stuck in the door, as he went. "we had no time for business," he reminded her, "and I think that now barely speak. But why did you come home at night I go home? It would be too difficult? "The smile with which he ended is an interesting question." No bother, "said the lawyer." When? "Again, it is only as an interrogation Mrs. Garrish said:" Tomorrow "She left him with a short push of the hand. Here Martin Updike was in possession of secret speculate all gossips of Constantinople the company conversation with Mrs. Garrish's house is far from boring. property, it turned out, mainly in the form of money, the result of an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative in California. he wants something to invest in unregistered government and railway bonds, then Updike explained the nature characteristics of the securities. There were about sixty thousand dollars, and she had asked him to pay ten thousand dollars and pay him for his own account. "Because," he said, "I want to stay out of my husband's arrival. If I wanted money, I'll call, and I can draw a check." "It would be unusual," Martin said, although he was very geflestreerd by the trust they had placed in him. So my situation is not unusual, "she replied." Dear Mr. Updike, I must ask you to oblige me! "He could not resist the call of the eyes, with their soft, thin depths." I'm so glad you agree! "His loyal friend, and to her surprise she got to the library, opened a safe left in the wall, and took ten thousand dollar bills, which he insisted was subsequently settled in he , despite all the protests that he can offer. "I will fix it all by a written agreement that you will sign tomorrow," Updike told him and placed the bills a. he stayed a long time with him, chatting about old times, until it agreed to him once he had agreed at the last meeting of Charade Club (it was June) and guided Angie Breese home. the assembly was Mrs. puff's, a few blocks away, and he hurried there and wore the ten thousand dollar notes. All the people noticed excited way when he came in, but Angie is, and why he did not come first, and he was more less responsive than the rest is his gayety.
Once outside the door to her again, started home, he said: "I am Mrs. Garrish seen and felt I knew him a few years ago .." "Tell me all about it, then! " Called Angie. "Ah!" Martin said, with a dry complacency. "That's asking too much. I am not bound to say at the moment. But you may have to tell me he is good." A cold is not the night wind born spread immediately around the couple. At the next intersection, Angie, where Martin gave the usual privilege to take her in his arms, gave him a pretext to keep her dress; And then they walked separately. "You know her very well?" Angie asked. "Not sure," he came back. "That is, I know him in a rather short time, and only now started to recognize him." "Were you there at night?" Was the next question Angie. Updike resisted the tone in which it is explained. "Yes," he said, and was half resolved to give no explanation. But he added, "they asked my opinion on things." It was a relief for both young when they stopped for the Hon. Calvert's house Breese. Updike is usually lost step with Angie; But this time he was stopped at the gate. He shook hands with him; But his touch was so indifferent that he almost wished he had not.