Three months after that night was a social war in Constantinople gewoedd. People are not slow to discover that Updike was called mysterious new tenant turreted house; He had known her before and she visited her often. He was schooled at the same time and destroyed with clever questions, the substance of which is: "Is she a widow or divorced who he was, where he come from?" Updike himself does not know where they originally came from, and he was unable to answer other questions. Today, society loves a mystery about which it knows everything; One that should be secret, but still can be discussed in the corner as it is a rare discovery, that should not be mentioned in general. But a mystery which is not too handle, causing only a society and is considered an insult to his intelligence. A strong party was therefore quick to mrs. Garrish arrested on the ground that he was not readily apparent mystery. But Updike has done his best to make on its behalf by general comments in his favor. Mrs General cullender is a matter of pride to keep the woman he had invited to his house; And so he stood at the head of a defensive group, with Martin Updike as his chief lieutenant. So all the tears and grief and deadly battle without resulting bladder. A variety of unpleasant rumors around Mrs. Garrish and outraged by cullender-party Updike. Alienated old friends and families divided on this subject; And if the hon. Calvert Breese and his wife walked himself with hostile forces, Updike's relationship has broken with Angie. But this will not happen without a plea for tolerance of young lawyers. "You must," he said to Angie, in a final worthy, worthy interview, "to understand the teachers to understand both sides of a question. I can remember, 'here his voice felt a refined bitterness' if your father a few weeks ago, former teacher in me, but now, because it does not work out for him to pursue me. "" you just look at one side, "Angie interrupted," And Mrs. Garrish .. "" as it happens, "Martin said. "I'm the only one who can understand both points of view of the situation, and you have to accept my judgment there is no debate." "No," Angie said. "I can see only one side at a time, and I prefer that it would be the right way. You touched everyone told me by your silence, and Mrs. Garrish, and Dad that I did not must see, because you're doing something wrong and that's what he says the scandal! "So they parted." a scandal! 'Yes, that is true, Updike is aware that rumors are founded by her frequent meetings with Mrs. Garrish But how he can help it, he had to see her often, because he is his business and his pride got up ... his sense of fair play for Eva lent Garrish his help to make him stubborn and hard-hearted. in September, the Hon. Calvert Breese came about Martin is feeling so completely changed, because some have changed their color from leaves in beautiful woodland countryside around Constantinople. "This business of Updike and Garrish wife," said the Hon. Calvert, "referring to the possibility of the young man for the nomination of the Assembly if there is to say about that." and Mrs Breese completely together this resolution. Hear this, General cullender, though he had hitherto always supported the glory of the Lord. Calvert political, immediately organized a movement to Martin Updike as independent to run a candidate. But even this signal honor is not our friend comforted the unfortunate problem between Angle and Breese himself; Especially since he had noticed it Eben Taft, his former rival in the desperate race for Angie hand, is now constantly seen him on picnics, tea parties and the like tennis. Two opposition sets summer amusements will be held during the month; And Mrs. Garrish's enemies have never been invited to one of them.

As a result Updike could not meet any occasion Angie, and she had even ceased to bend as they went on the road. But sometimes, late at night, when the streets are deserted, Martin boarded and sat down under the wind-thrown Maple in the house of his father stood in line, with a few small rain shower fell somewhat thin in such a way to tears; And Angie, in the silence of his room, I would hear the wind under the maple as it is a sigh of an exiled lover. But Martin was proud; And can not away from them. At a certain fall he took mrs. Garrish with large rijfeestje the lake.
They just go out on a boat; They drove in a sheltered bay, he suddenly said to him: "I heard from my husband. Read it!" He took the paper they gave him. The envelope was recorded therein, is highlighted in a village on the northern border of New York, but the skin itself does not meet or signature bear. It contains the words: "You claim denied long enough, you think I'm afraid of the future, but perhaps you will make mistakes themselves, I give you two more days to send money or make me ended, so ... there is a specific threat has been proposed. Updike was amazed and appalled. "and he will get back to you, is that it?" he asked. Eva Garrish smiled with melancholy long- sarcasm. "he knows I have this money," he says, "and he wants it." Updike thought he understood. "I see. He wants to blackmail, but that's belagelijk! "" Not a penny to hear it from him! "Eva asserted himself with unusual vehemence." Besides, "he added, galvanized his face," he is not my wife. "" How's that? "Updike asked, strangely confused Tears stood in Eve's eyes as he answered." he pulled me under a false name, and then one time I accidentally found that she did it to keep my previous marriage. "" A bigamist, "muttered Updike." villain! Then you are not really married to him? "" What should I do? "Asked Eva, sobbing." Who can I look to defend against him?
"You can watch me," said Updike, chivalrous indignation of his eyes. "When his face here late today, / / ​​// draw him! But why did not you tell me?" Eva gave him a look of gratitude. "It's silly, I know," said confesteerde. "But I was not at first how good and generous you can be. I was afraid to tell my absence." "Shame!" Updike put a word between his teeth. "Shame is that the people are not with you." After thinking a moment, he said: "Let me give you an example." Then he quickly told what he knew Owen ministry haymaker, and was pleased to see that Eve listened well. 'Now,' shut up, "the woman haymaker had the relentlessness, but even if they did, the real fault was his. Do your debts so to me if I do this? Thirteen thousand dollars to him, for the Baffler, Kidge & Co. But you can not imagine that I would be needing her from me? 'Of course not, "Eve said softly and gave deep. "Very well," said Updike, reinforced point. "He was a hundred times worse than you, because you are completely innocent." His enthusiasm was almost extinguished in the depths of despair income Eva eyes when she met him. 'Oh,' he zuchtde, "if the problem had never happened to me, or if I had met once before it comes!" He collected his thoughts, as if the words he had used only part of an unspoken reverie. "we need to drive and together!" he said. Updike drove him out of the lake in a buggy. the moon will rise, and as they drove along, cold, silver rays seems to talk to their mix. Martin kept turning in his mind that there was a major outcry of her, and once she broke out: "Why do you have the person's name? You are free and have the right to drop it. "He did not answer immediately, and he was aware that they were trembling. His voice was barely audible as he said:". This is the sign of my past, and I have to wear because I have no future to look forward to that might erase "Martin claimed a little too. She wondered if he had been a third or Martin Updike was about to make a marriage offer. But the issue was not pursued, and came almost silent in the house of Eva. "Come on," she said, when they were finished. "that letter has frightened me. I'll just go alone in my own house. Moreover, I have something to say. "Updike is ready to meet, and when they arrived, they led the way to the library. They sit down." The man who wrote that letter, "he begins neerslagde lids' seemed to threaten something. What if he was come here and rob me? "" But he did not do, "Updike continued. "I have some of your bonds. The rest is safe." "There is something more," said Mrs. Garrish. "I'm almost forty thousand dollars in cash kept in the safe." He fell to the recipe on the wall. "Forty thousand, do not tell me!" the young lawyer hits. "It's a big risk." "I know," he says. "What should I do? Will you do it and drop it for me?" Updike shook his head. "No, that would be too big. I've had enough." Mrs. Garrish pulled his keys out. "Then you need to do so much," he says. "If you for Baffler, Kidge & Co. can get, it will help them. It has thirteen thousand, you said I would pay for it!" "You do?" "Because it will have some advantages, and I feel that I was bound to get positive for the staunch friendship as return. It belongs to you to act on your customers." "But this sum is more than one-tenth of your whole fortune. I can not accept it, and my customers," Updike protested.
He was amazed at her exaggerated grace; Still, he touched him, because she could not doubt the sincerity of his commitment. He approached her with an air of extreme entreatie. "Do it," he said. "Let me, I would be so happy if you like." He seemed so in his agitation he rose and instinctively pulled her hand to calm her. "Eve," he said, "Can I call you that? I can not accept such a gift, even though I was married offered by my own husband." "Your husband!" She echoed. He felt his handschudder them zijnne. He pulled it off and take a few steps toward the table. "Then," he said, "I must leave this place. When I'm in anyway can not be used, the better I went. Some of your friends , I have not done, and now, if I have the right to change, I do. ' "Eva!" he cried, followed him. "you can not think about it, you owe it to yourself to keep me. I can not let you go until all your injustice is respected, and you can put everyone in a clear position. "She smiled sadly, yet with a kind of victory" Well, " he says ,. "And then," Updike was never so forcefully felt the magic of his magical eye for a moment he thought of Angie. But later, Eva's look, mixed with vague question and dumb sorrow overcame him. "Then," he says, "no matter what happens, you need to stay!" "You like?" He asked, with amazing washer, bending his head towards him rose almost to his shoulders. "I do," he replied, and felt that he was the only one to whom he could trust her former situation, he did not miss him. the next moment he was disturbed by a loud, fast manly voice in the room. Eve fell and fell into a chair.
"He came," he said, in a voice full of awe. "That man!" Updike turned and looked directly at them, a man in loose clothing, with a long, thin black beard, who had not bothered to remove his flat dressed felt hat. "I told the clerk I had important business, and walk upright," this unpleasant apparition announced as he came forward Eve was very quiet in his chair;. But Updike was burning with anger. "And who are you, sir? 'He asks Flat dressed man himself and said coldly." I'm the only person who had the misfortune to marry that woman "He pushed Eve" And I think you are the young lawyer who traced my private investigator. Has seen hanging around him. Let Updike, or not? "" I am Mr. Updike, "Martin replied cold." Take your hat off! "" No, "the man said." I do not need. My head is not as hot as you. "" Perhaps then, "said Martin," it's as cold as your heart. I know about your proposed marriage to the girl, sir. And I know where you come from. But first you're a bigamist, and in the next place the money belongs entirely to him "seems hand the stranger is hotter than his head, as he began to pick up some gloves thin Lisle- thread .. slowly, now, "he said. "You have both sides look. That first marriage who referred you are all happy. I thought it was a joke, came to the girl and her people a lot and insist that I really his wife according to the law, because I spoke to him as my husband to testify. When I got over broken, and then I met Tuthill, I pulled her under a different name, because I that people will not follow me and learn. "Updike went to Eve." is that the story of his first marriage where? 'he asked Mrs Garrish, who was still pulled up and said .. "do I'm here. "" However, "Updike said the intruder," the first marriage was legal, and madam, I mean, free. Ms. Tuthill's "The other man rolled up his gloves and put them in his pocket." They may be free of marriage, "he said deliberately," but that does not necessarily make her free from theft , do this? "" What do you mean, sir! "Thundered Updike, he started violently." Remember that I want to protect this woman. "" Oh yes, "said his enemies, who, as he pulled out of a cigarette, pulled out a revolver and held it gently in his hand. "and I'm going to protect myself." at this point springde Eve. "Oh, Martin," sailed with them, "Beware! This man is dangerous. I'll tell you who he was: he was Owen haymaker "" Hey! "Repeated Martin, in a dazed tone" Is she your alleged husband?!. "Yes." Updike hardly believe he used the word, but he was quick to understand the truth brought by hearing haymaker say. "Yes, sir, I'm the man. You must forgive me down when I have a bit rough. Garrish the name is under her husband haymaker is the name that took me then.
I have had many names, but I do not think keeping a name or not, if I keep it to address an old coat after it is exhausted. Mrs. Garrish know everything about the new name, at least, and it is just the same to me. What do you think they did then? Why, when I was about a hundred gathered in cold cash through a smart management, I gave him the whole message She had therefore meet in Canada, but I went there a few days later, and he was not wrong. He was beaten in boodschappentje East, and now, here he is! "" What would you say in response to this extraordinary charges? "Updike Eva asked. She stood perfectly still, but his face looked like it was covered by an early frost." It's all true, "he said, his lips barely walk." But he cheated, she cheated by a fake marriage, and he expects me to help him for his own profit cheat others. I took my revenge by wearing the big money he entrusted to me. "Oh, Martin," he said and shook his hand. "You must believe me when I say that I do not really mean to keep everything. I wanted to just hide somewhere until I found a way to fix it without myself to keep in prison. And when I discovered this, I thought you would eventually help me. I had to slow tempted, and this is my punishment. But you know, come before this miserable man, I have offered the full amount of your claim, and you ' y decline. "at this moment Eve fell on his knees and groaned against Updike:" forgive me, Oh, forgive me! it's because I love you. "Mr. Haymaker though apparently not enjoying it to us. He caught her immobile revolver so that he is working. Regarding Updike was so terrible that the double revelation, before him, the sweat on his forehead. He suffered from a sense of crime, suffering more than two criminals themselves. "This is no time for words," he said to Eve peaceful. "You should get better again." But he helped her with gentleness and kindness to stand. When he recovered his feet, he was taken to the haymaker like freezing, basilic looks dead all the old charm of his eyes, for Updike. It hit him simultaneously their similarities agates are prophetic. the woman is as smooth and polished as agate, but equally impenetrable, and the melting of the twilight she sucks in her eyes, though Updike as something possibly petrified shadow. Eva advised to change his feelings, but he is determined to win a victory in any way. He turned to Haymaker "You said in your letter that you want to give me two days but I just received this morning the letter '' That's not my fault," he says again ... I gave it to someone to wear the Canadian line and mail. I guess he has forgotten. "Incidentally," he went on Updike. "I wrote three weeks ago against Ms. Garrish, threatening to come here, but he thought that I did not dare because I would be mitigated., See me bold, and the fact that I am here, proving the sincerity of my statement to you. I admit fraud. '' Then you a fool and a boy! 'Updike stated. "I will put you in the hands of the police." "Yes," Eva said furiously. "Mr. Updike knows all about it. He represents one of the claims against you. "And here," he added with Martin and gave him his secret key, "it gives you control over all the money! You are the master of the situation. "this is his victory over haymaker. Villain will not be confused however. He turned the loaded barrel of his gun between finger and thumb, so he clicked. "I think I am the master," he said desperately.

"What do you think?" Martin asked and planted himself in front haymaker. "Let's calm in reality. If you shoot someone here, did you murder your hand and deception. I love this key fixed and most of the house is where you can not find it, though if you have a dozen murders. Now, sir, I'll give you one and a half points to get out of this house. "He pulled out and held it at his watch; Meanwhile, to see the man and the gun, with a strong belief that he is likely to receive the next moment a bullet. But it was his only chance to drive the thing. Haymaker whispered. "You've got sand," he said. "If I uitklaar, promise you I will not follow me? '" I promise nothing, "Martin replied firmly." Hands are passed forty seconds. You can move better. "Haymaker rose and fell the gun back into his pocket." I did not murder, "he says," And I think I've updated this time. Good night! "Then he turned and left the house. When the door was shut behind him, Eva looked Updike and said politely:" What do you think of me, Martin "Updike shook as if a snake had touched him." Do ask me to answer you, "he said." I'm going straight through the garden to the house of General cullender do help and call the police. In five minutes I get to help again. "He felt for himself, and wanted to give her a kind word, perhaps to tell him he will fly better, but he crossed the momentum and pushed quickly to the glass door of the library, which opened in garden.