Early in the morning there was a big black mare whistling and chirpende gathered in secluded gardens of Constantinople, preparing for their flight south. Updike and General cullender is closed and the contents of mrs. Garrish's safe when it counted cheerful excitement began with the birds; And then a gunner to them and said haymaker is near the train station. Ms. Garrish was never found, how they managed to get away remained a mystery. But the chatter of blackbirds move is nothing compared to the scandal that resulted from the termination of the foreign relations of Updike him. Initially it was said that he has escaped his escape; And the fact that his bank account, which is used exclusively to pay its current expenses, was raised against him. But fortunately he was able to draw up the agreement he drafted well, witness by General cullender and his handsome office boy, showing the purpose of that account. He also owned by mrs. Garrish's entire property, transferred to Barrier, Kidge & Co. and the rest of the creditors haymaker; So that their claim is almost completely satisfied. Yet, despite all this, there was much debate in the local community if he had acted correctly. There were those who said he was with mrs. Garrish is compromised. There was a group who claimed that he was really going to get possession of his wicked treasure, but that can not run the system. Another more indulgent feast, which was recognized with regret that although the results are good, but are regarded as superior kind of detective work (as he is all property acquired illegally by Haymaker) is guaranteed way of Updike. ODS restoration of this may be to blame. Some people came to him and bluntly defended his whole business. So did the young man who was always in favor of both sides looking a question, is comfortable between the two sides of his own story. He was disturbed by the results of his championship Eva and humiliated by the thought that he was ready to sacrifice his love for Angie Breese favor of credibility to the story. The Hon. Calvert is slow to show any signs of reconciliation; However, as far as can be determined Updike, Angie has not engaged in Eben Taft. One day he met her came just as he passed the door of her father among the maples. Contrary to his expectations, they bowed to him, with a smile that seemed to stick with a faint promise of forgiveness. He lit up when he walked back past him, opvroeg her again and said, "Miss Breese, you've heard all sorts of things about me, I think?" "Yes," Angie said, flushing. Her clean her face seemed to him like a mixture of some unknown saints. Updike's voice shook slightly, it is likely to have geworst his efforts. "Remember," he says, "you should consider both sides." "Oh, yes," he replied, laughing; "I remember. But you must forgive me, I'm just the same as before. I can only see one side, you!" They were married in November. "What about the independent candidacy? General cullender a week in advance for updates Updike." For that, "said Updike," I can not tell you. I will go to the regular ticket. "