Subject, scope and concern of sociology

The scope of sociology is very broad, from the investigation of the passing encounter between individuals on the avenue to the study of universal social processes, the discipline has a very broad range that every feature of human including social circumstances; all kinds of human interaction and variety of social behaviour (Indrani, 1998). Sociologists are predominantly fascinated in people as they become visible in the social interface and the crash of these interactions on human behaviour. Such connections can vary from the first physical make contact with with the infant baby with his mother in a philosophical discussion at an international conference, a casual passing in the street in the most friendly human relationships (1994 World Book Encyclopedia). Sociologists are paying attention to know what development lead to interaction, what happens when they take place, and what their short idiom and long term penalty.
The main system unit or interactions that curiosity sociologists social groups such as family or peer group; social affairs, such as social accountability and dyadic relationships, and social unions such as governments, businesses and school systems such as district organisations such as churches and schools (and Selzinki Broom, 1973).

Sociologists enthusiastic to appreciate, clarify, and analyse the collision of the social world, social environment and social relations behaviour, worldviews, lifestyle, personality, judgement, decisions, etc., so creative, talented, intelligent members of society; and how we make social reality as such.