Level studies in sociology

At present, sociology very specific sub-sectors or fields of specialization are in it, some of these include the following: criminology; demographics; human ecology; political sociology; medical sociology; sociology of family; sociology of sport; sociology of development; social psychology; social linguistics; sociology of education; sociology of religion; sociology of knowledge; sociology of art; sociology of science and technology; sociology of law; urban sociology; rural sociology; economic sociology; and industrial sociology.
Micro-sociology: Checking scale social phenomena
Macro Sociology: evaluating large-scale social phenomena
Meso-sociology: analysis of social phenomena between the micro and macro levels. Within this general framework, sociology is divided into specific sub-areas on the basis of certain criteria. The main areas of sociology can be grouped into six areas (World Book Encyclopedia, 1994:
Vol. 18; Pp. 564-568).
Main areas of  sociology
• Social and organizational theory of social order: focuses on institutions and groups, their formation and change the mode of operation, with regard to people and each other.
Social Control: Focuses on how the members of a society influence each other so as to maintain social order.
Social Changes: focuses on how societies and institutions change over time through technical inventions, cultural diffusion and cultural conflicts and social movements, among others.
• Social process: focusing patterns occur in which social change, and the development of such processes.
• Social Groups: Focuses on how social groups are formed, organized, and how they work and innovation.
• Social Problem: Focuses on the social conditions that cause problems for many people, which aims to eliminate the society. Some of these problems include: juvenile delinquency, crime, chronic alcoholism, suicide, drug addiction, racism, ethnic conflicts, war, labor, conflict areas, urban poverty, prostitution, child abuse, problems of the elderly, marital conflicts, etc.