Cultural alternatives and cultural specialties

There are many different ways to do the same. For example, create a universal aspect of culture for a patient; but the way people vary patient care. There are many different ways to do the same. It's called cultural alternatives. In other words, cultural alternatives refers to two or more forms of behavior in a socially acceptable in a given situation. These alternatives give different reactions to the same situation or different techniques to achieve the same result. Cultural alternatives (also) the nature of the choices that allow for differences in ideas, habits and lifestyle. Modern industrialized society offers much more than cultural alternatives had many past societies.
On the other hand, cultural specialties refer to specific skills, training, knowledge, and others which are limited to a certain group or society. These are elements of culture that are shared by members of certain social groups, but which are not shared by the whole population. Cultural specialties cause behavioral differences between people, as opposed to cultural universals.


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