Conceptualizing Society at various levels

 The Earth is a common ground for people around the world. All the peoples of the earth share a common origin; common living planet; with common bio psychological unit; and have the same basic interests, desires and fears; and is moving towards a common destiny (Calhoun et al., 1994).
 At another level, each continent can be considered as a society. So we can talk of European society, the African community, the Asian community, the Hispanic community, etc. This may be because each of the continent to share his own territory, historical experience, shared culture, and so on.
 On a more practical level, each nation state or country is considered as a society. So the people of Ethiopia and KenyaJapan is regarded as a society. Go away, another level of society within each nation-state, there may ethno linguistically different group of people in a place they consider themselves. They are therefore society in their own right. Some of these societies may extend beyond the boundaries of nation states. For example, the Borana Oromo live in both Ethiopia and Kenya.