Contemporary Issues in Leadership (Main points)

"Leadership is the ability to influence individuals or groups to think, feel and take positive action to achieve goals
The Leadership Puzzle:
Leadership is all about getting people to work together to make things happen that might not otherwise occur or to prevent things from happening that would ordinarily take place Transactional leaders forget a trade-off with their followers Transformational leaders encourage their followers to forget self-interest and to move toward fulfilling greater ideals.
Leadership Personalities:
• Capacity (intelligence, judgment)
• Achievement (knowledge, scholarship);
• Responsibility (dependability. aggressiveness, self control, desire to excel);
 • Participation (activity, sociability, cooperation, adaptability)
• Status (position. popularity)
Acting like a Leader:
Appreciate and nurture talent
Focus on what is important
Build trust
Develop a close tie between leaders and followers
Follow the Leader:
People will follow you if you meet three of their pivotal emotional needs:
• Significance
• Shared beliefs

• Excitement