Describe cultural universals?

Although there are so many unique cultures and societies, there are some cultural practices that are universal. In the middle of the diversity of human cultural behavior, there are some common characteristics that are found in virtually all societies. Cultural universality refers to the practices, beliefs, values, norms, material things, etc., which is observed in all societies in the world, or different social groups within of a society.
 For example, every culture has a word that complex language. All societies have recognized some kind of family system in which there are values ​​associated with the care of children. The institution of marriage, religious rituals, and all rights are cultural universals. All societies have some form of incest prohibition. Anthropologist determined more different cultural universals include state of the art, dance, body decorations, games, gift giving, jokes and the rules of hygiene. Cultural universals condition the behavior of similarity between individuals in a given society or society. They found no difference in the actions and behavior, lifestyle, attitude, behavior, etc can be made.