Group Dynamic

             With the origin of the complex societies there came into being when there is need to achieve the wants of the members in the course of interaction.

Group Dynamic:
                         It is refers to changes which take place within groups and is concerned with the interaction between group members in social settings.

Function of the Group:

  1. Formal Organizational Functions:    These are related to basic functions.
  2.  Psychology personal Functions:         The group formation facilitates psychological functionary , satisfaction of the needs and enhancing the achievements.
  3.  Multiple Functions:         The formal as well as informal both kinds of roles are taken up by the members of the group.
Principles of the group
  • The members of the group must have a strong sense of belonging to the group.
  • The more attraction a group is to its members,  the greater into influence if would exercise on its member.
  • The intergroup relations, group organization, member participation is essential for effervesces of a group.
Factors of the Group Dynamic:
  • Group Dynamic is connected with group. The member of the group my interact may be in slate of tension, may be attraction to each other, may seek the resolution of these tension.
  • Changes go on occurring like introducing, changes in leadership.
  •  Dynamic group always is inn continues places restructuring, adjusting and readjusted members to one another for the purpose of reducing the unisons eliminating the conflicts and solving the problems which its member have in common.