Impact of social stratification in the lives of individuals

Social stratification are important implications for the health and well-being of people. Social
stratification is directly related to the problem of inequality, inequality etc, and which have a direct or indirect impact on the life chances of people in social strata. Health status of individuals is one of the opportunities that life can be significantly influenced by a person's position in the system of stratification.
The different systems of stratification by age, gender, race, religion, profession, etc., directly or indirectly promote equal opportunities in the standards of living.
The basic concept of the relationship between health and social stratification, the concept of vulnerability, risk and danger. Vulnerability is a sociological concept that refers to the 'characteristics of individuals and social groups [along the lines of gender, age, race, occupation, etc.,] to [their assets] to protect themselves, to fight and recover from disasters, including health risk on the basis of determining their access to material and non-material resources ".