Inspirational approaches to leadership

Definition of leadership
“Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a complex moral relationship between people, based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good”
Any type of organization runs successfully when it is piloted by a skillful and influential leader. A good leader can structure the organization in the way; he wants. He represents the culture of the organization and most importantly it has been observed that effective leaders posses a capacity to increase the productivity of the organization.
In inspirational approaches to leadership two approaches are include:
• ' Charismatic leadership
• Transformational leadership
1. "Charismatic leadership"
A charismatic leader influences the followers with the dint of his personality and charm. 'Characteristics of charismatic leader"
• Vision
 • Risk
• Environmental sensitivity
 • Sensitivity to followers needs
• Unconventional behaviour
"How charismatic leader influence followers"
• Leader articulating an appealing vision.
 • Communicate high performance expectations and express confidence that followers can attain them. • Set an example for followers to imitate.
 • Makes self-sacrifices.
 2. "Transformational leader"
Transformational leader inspire changes, through his vision and passion to get things done. "Characteristics of transformational leader"
• Charisma
. • Inspiration.
 • Intellectual simulation.
• Individualized consideration.
In case of charismatic leadership the vision fulfilment happens by stimulating followers to leaders vision and in contrast, under transformational Leadership, vision fulfilment is inclusive of both followers and leaders vision.

Charismatic leaders are most likely to emerge in crisis situations, whereas it has been generally observed that the transformational learners can emerge at different levels of the organization.


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