Limitations and challenges of social programs

Some of the barriers and challenges of social work and social welfare programs should be mentioned here; the introduction of the ideal philosophy and principles of social wok program alone is not enough. Some of these limitations include the following :
• There is often the possibility of dependency syndrome on the part of the target. The very word "client" may here involve some kind of dependence of affected people in the service provider. Despite the main goal of social work is to help people help themselves, often can reduce the risk of creating dependency syndrome.
• There is what you can "charity mentality" on the part of those who are called social services. So it is often the case that the more underlying problems that would have caused problems left un-addressed, while addressing minor issue, the "symptoms" of the problems. More structural issues, such as the very uneven distribution of power and resources are overlooked. Despite social professionals often realize that the underlying socio-political structures responsible for the poverty and social problems, the attitude of blaming the victim is often left in public estimation (Day, 1996).
• Excessive bureaucracy and elitism: This refers undermines the problem of the risk of the original ideals of social work, while more attention to technique, professionalism, standards, etc. processionals I also elites despise the poor people .