Social change (Definition and characteristics)

Social innovation can be defined as the change or changes on a large scale level of the social structure, social institutions, social organizations and patterns of social behavior in a given society or social system. Social change can also be defined as the modification, repair or total replacement of phenomena, activities, values, or processes by chance in a society with a sequence of events. Change or reshuffle may involve simple or complex changes in the structure, shape or form of social phenomena. Sometimes the entire sweep of the phenomenon and their total replacement could mean new form (Calhoun et al, 1994).
Some minor changes occurring in the lives of individuals and small, small groups can not be regarded as social change, although such changes are manifestations or consequences of these changes may be more widespread. Changes in tangible and intangible contents of a culture can not be considered social change. However, it is very difficult to separate cultural changes in social change. Because the two are usually closely, you will usually introduce social change and cultural change, and vice versa.
characteristics of social change
Some of the major features of social change are as follows (Indrani, 1998, teams of experts, 2000):
• Social changes are happening all the time. The process can not be observed, and can be integrated, meaning it is easy to see the social changes, though always occur.
• No society is static and unchanging. All societies are vulnerable to social change. In other words, social change is a universal phenomenon (it is anywhere and everywhere). It is distributed in both time and space.
 • Change happens both in the micro-level and macro-level. The point here is that while social change often refers to remarkable changes in social phenomena, we must not lose sight of the fact that small changes in minor relationships also can be significant
• The impact of changes in one area can affect other related areas. That is, social change is as contagious infectious diseases.

• Social change has a price; it can be fast or slow.