Social class or category

 Sociologists classify society into different categories, depending on certain criteria. One such criterion level economic and technological development achieved by the country.
Thus, the countries of the world are classified as World War I, World War II and the Third World; First World countries are those that are highly advanced industrial and economic fields, such as the United StatesJapanBritainFranceItalyGermany and Canada and others.
 The Second World country industrially advanced, but not as much as the first category. Third World societies are thus less developed or are in the process of developing. Some authors add a fourth category, namely the Fourth World country. These countries can be considered the "poorest of the poor" (Giddens, 1996).
Another might be important criteria for the classification society that takes account of the temporal order and the main source of economic organization (Lensiki and Lensiki, 1995). When societies modernize, transform it from one form to another. The simplest form of society which exists today, and can be considered the oldest, which is the economic organization based on hunting and gathering. These are called hunting and gathering societies. This society is dependent on hunting and gathering for its survival. The second type is referred to as pastoral and horticultural societies. Pastoral societies are those whose livelihood is based on grazing animals such as cattle, camels, sheep and goats. Horticultural societies are those where the economy is based on the cultivation of plants by using simple tools, such as digging sticks, shovels, choppers, etc.
The third type is agrarian society. This relationship, which is dominant in most parts of the world still, is based on large-scale farming, which is largely dependent on teams with animal production. The industrial revolution began in Britain during the 18th century has given rise to a fourth type of society called the Industrial Society. An industrial society, there is one commodity which is produced by equipment powered by fuels instead of animal and human power. Sociologists have also come with the fifth emerging type of society called post-industrial society. It is a society based on information, services and high technology, rather than on raw materials and production. The highly industrialized now passed the post-industrial levels include the United StatesCanadaJapan and Western Europe.