Social Deviance and Crime

Deviant behavior is behavior that members of a group or society seen as a violation of their standards. Definition of abnormal behavior depends on the group. Even if an action or behavior is treated differently depending on the time, place and social situation.
There are psychological and sociological explanations of deviance.

Psychological theories focus on the personality of the individual. Some genetic and biochemical abnormalities lead individuals to make deviant behavior and crime. Sociological theories focus on forces outside the individual. Differential association theory argues that people learn different acts through socialization; structural strain theory argues that deviance arises when Conformity to fail generally accepted norms of behavior in order to satisfy the legitimate, culturally approved you. According to control theory, each person is naturally inclined to deviant behavior, but to satisfy most of our criteria for effective systems of internal and external controls. These are the ones that are less effective control differently. Another sociological theory called labelling theory suggests that the behavior is different if only because of the people labelled .In general, biologists and psychologists view individual while sociologists look out of the individual explanations for why people commit deviant behavior and crime.