Terms of social pathology and social problems

The terms of social pathology and social problems are often used interchangeably. They refer to the disease condition of society. As the physical body is suffering from various ailments, the society as a system also suffers from various pathologies that threaten the proper functioning and survival. Sociologists prefer "social issues" with "social pathologies".
The problem is limited to the psychological dimension of the micro-level pressure is an individual with no social problems must necessarily though the manifestation of the disease condition of society. Some social problems are global or universal nature and others are linked to the level of economic and technological development, history, ecology, socio-political and cultural set up a society. Some problems social is so rampant in the more industrialized societies and others more prevalent in industrialized societies.
The main social problems in contemporary Ethiopia from famine, prostitution, unemployment, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, urban poverty and population explosion and environmental degradation, among others. The problem is increasing since last decade. These are the reflections of social and political history of the country, harmful traditional beliefs and practices, poverty and natural factors, among others.