The Concept of Social Organization

Health Science students should be introduced to the idea of ​​how we organize ourselves as social beings and how individuals, communities and society are interrelated. People are social animals by nature and whatever we do or say is related to the social environment. Our lives as human beings have their meaning in organized relationship. Although we eat, drink, work, play, worship, study and relax, we do it in the social group context. Nobody just outside the organized network of social interaction and relationships. Although we have capacity for privacy, one can enjoy him / herself for a longer period without inflicting fatal yourself.By social organizations, we refer to the pattern of individual and collective relationships. The term "organization" means the technical adjustment of parts into a whole, and the term "social", indicates the fact that the individual and collective relations is the result of social processes (Bromine and Slezinky, 1973) . So one of the main concerns of sociology is to study and analyze the behavior of human society as its structured and organized manner and relationships. In particular, sociologists here are interested in exploring and learning:
• The personal and collective relationships that influence individual behavior and social institutions;
• How can individuals and groups relate to one another;
• How people organize themselves in different social situations, consciously or unconsciously;
• What kind of social relations occurring in their organized behavior; and
• How to maintain social relationships; how to refuse or disintegrate.