The concept of Society

The term society as mentioned previously derived from a Latin word Socius. The term direct association, unity, gregariousness, or simply group life. The concept of society refers to dividing a relatively large group or collectivity of people who more or less frequent and culture, covering a specific geographical location, with a sense of identity and belonging, with all the necessary social structures or suggestive to maintain itself.
We can add a disclosure definition of society as defined by Calhoun et al (1994): "A society is an autonomous association of persons living in a common territory, a common culture (shared values, beliefs, practices , etc.) and are connected through routine social interaction and interdependent status and duties. "the company may also mean a particular population group, a community, the common trend in sociology to conceptualize society as a system, which focuses on the limited and integrated nature of society. Great founder of sociology is also focused on dynamic aspects of society. Such early sociologists like Comte, Marx and Spencer understands the concept of society as a dynamic system that changes history and inevitably towards complex industrial structure (Swing Wood, 1991: 313).
The common trend in sociology to conceptualize society as a system, focusing on bounded and integrated nature of society. But such an approach has been criticized in recent years. Contemporary sociologists now often use the network to the conception of society. This approach is seen by society as overlapping, dynamic and fluid network of economic, political, cultural and other relations on various levels. Such a view is analytically strong and reflect the reality especially in the context of the modern, globalized world. (Personal communication: Teketel Dr. Abebe, Addis Ababa University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology)