Transformational leadership
Transformational leadership is a style of leadership in which the leader identifies the needed, change creates a vision to guide the change through inspiration and motivation.
Development of concept:
Burns in (1978) first introduced the concept of transforming leadership, now used in organizational psychology.
 A theory of leadership that focuses on how leaders can transform their follows positively transformational leadership theory en-comprises four element
·         Inspirational Motivation:
In inspirational motivation leader guide followers by providing them with a sense meaning and challenge they work optimistically to foster the spirit of teamwork.
·         Intellectual stimulation:
Leaders encourage their followers to be innovative and creative. They encourage new ideas from their followers and never criticize them.
·         Idealized influence:
The leader act as role models for employers such leader always wins the trust and respect of their followers.
·         Individualized consideration:
Followers In which the leader attends to each and gives sympathy and support. The followers are treated differently according to their talents and knowledge.
Implication for managers:
Yukl (1994) draws some tips for managers
I. Develop a challenging and attractive vision together with employers.
 2. Express confidence, optimism about the vision and its implementation.

 3. Realize the vision through small planned steps.