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This system analyst properly a type of A behaviour. Type A person are hard work Competitive individual with strong sense of time urgency. Type B behaviour are low competitive and less concerned about time limitation. Type A behaviour enjoy goals of achievement. This thus constantly hard working to achieve them. B behaviour work steadily, enjoy achievement but not becoming stressed when they are not achieve
·         Need for achievement
The need for achievement is greatest for those individual who have strong desired to excel .Achiever seeker neither power not approval, there is focus on success.
·         Power
Those who need for high power seek agreement and compliance, approval and recognition are not of their concern.
·         Affiliation
T he need for friendship, love and feeling of belonging are all affiliation need
·         Ability
Stable Characteristic responsible for a person maximum physical or mental performance. TWO type of ability.
o   The first-can be characterized general mental ability required for all cognitive task

o   The second is unique to the task at hand. 

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