Requirements of socialization

In every society is socially responsible manner that society values ​​inculcated in the son of man that comes into this world as a biological organism with needs or animal impulses.
Individual study groups, ways of acting and behaving, and what social studies is a part of their personality.
Socialization is a process of making a man completely human and social. Or rather, it is a process where individuals learn and be trained in basic manners, values, beliefs, skills, attitudes, behavior and act in a particular social group or society.
This is an ongoing, continuous process from cradle to grave. This means that an individual is fundamentally different stages of socialization from birth to death. So we have socialization such as infants, toddlers, school children / woman, pubescents, teens, adults and seniors.From the viewpoint of the individual, especially a newborn, socialization process is a process whereby a biological entity or organism is transformed into a social creature. In terms of groups, societies, or a professional organization, socialization is a process where associations, community groups and social structures, and goodness are stored and held in position. It is the process by which the culture, practices, customs, traditions, customs, etc. Its transmitted from generation to generation -. Or from one society to another.
Socialization can be formal or informal. It is formal when it is performed by formally organized social groups and institutions such as schools, religious centers, mass media, universities, workplaces, military training, internships, etc. It is informal it is conducted through informal social interaction and relationships micro level, interpersonal and small group social levels. Socialization is important for us to get through informal agents such as family, parents, neighborhood and peer group influences. It has a very strong impact, either negative or positive, in our lives.
The process of socialization, whether formal or informal, is important for both individuals and society. Without some form of socialization, society would cease to exist. Socialization, so can be described as the means by which culture is transmitted and individuals are integrated into society organized way of life.