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Advantages of interview

Advantages of interview

In this way, the interviewer personally meets the information and asks them the necessary questions about the subject of research. Usually a series of questions or a questionnaire he brought and the questions were asked. The interviewer is efficiently collecting data from informants by cross-examining them. The interviewer should be effective and tactful to obtain correct and relevant data from informants.
Advantages of interview are following:
Ø  Flexible and high response

Ø  Easy management and ability to observe non-verbal behaviors
Ø   Control the environment and order questions
Ø   Ability to correct disputes by respondents: such options are very important and are not available in other ways of collecting data.
Ø   Opportunity to record natural responses
Ø   Control the time, date and place of the interview
Ø   More complex questions can be used because the presence of the interviewer can help answer questions.
Ø   There are no opportunities to respond because the interviewer collects personal data.
Ø  Collected data is very reliable because the interviewer collects tactic data by analyzing responders.
Ø   Allow clarification
Ø   High response
Ø   Get in-depth information and follow the clues
Ø   Can be fixed the call line to the individual
Ø   It's easier to reach people who are considered unattainable (poor, homeless, high-level, mobile, etc.)
Ø   Specific people may be easier to reach (eg Community leaders, etc.)
Ø   More personal strategy
Ø   Open questions easier, use probes and retrieve non-verbal signals

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