Component Based Software Engineering

Component Based software development is a new software development trend. The most important idea is components have been completed or reuse the used component instead of building them everything from start to time. Using Component Based development offers many benefits: faster development, lower development costs, better availability, etc. The Component Based development part of the part is not yet ripe, however, and had many more problems. This research report provides a brief description on component based development and component based software engineering methods, form both perspective technological and marketing.
Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is a materialize concept of software development. The goal is compiling applications using plug & play software parts in frames. CBSE is focused on realizing the long awaited reuse of software by changing the same software architecture and software process. It's possible changing the way the software works is too much. However, still to see many problems have to solve.

A software component is a part of configuration with specified contractual interfaces and clear context dependencies only. A Software Component arranged autonomously and subject to the composition of a third party. Component-based software engineering is a strategy based on reuse of software ingredients. A set of pre-assemble, consistent software component are made available to fit a specific design for an application domain. The application is then built with these components, rather than the discrete parts of a conventional programming language. Component based systems are easier to assemble and therefore less expensive to build than systems built from discrete components. The component is a standalone executable file entity. It does not need to accumulate before use other components. The services accessible by one part are built convenient through integration and all interactions put through that integration. Benefits of the component-based development have accelerated the characteristic, increase development and decrease risk.