Computer network

A computer network is made up of two or more computers or other intelligent devices connected by communication media (eg, cable or wireless media) to achieve communication. The network computer is used in many aspects of our lives and its applications are growing. Computer networks can be found, for example, at universities, secondary schools and colleges of higher education, while in the business community networks are networks at geographical locations. Government offices use local and state computers, such as military organizations, medical facilities and the internet. The
frequency of computer network attacks and the subsequent burning of news reporting has alerted the public to the vulnerability of computer networks and the risk of not only using them, but also of being dependent on them. Moreover, such activities and reports put society in a state of constant fear that always anticipate the next big and what is involved, and force people to focus on security issues. The biggest fear among professionals, however, is a public with a hundred percent of the total dependence on computers and computer networks being insensitive, having reached a level where they are almost immune, where they appreciated such fears. If this happens, we are professionals and society in general, as the creators of these networks, fail to secure their security. Firewalls are often the strongest defense points on a computer network. They find quite a few attacks, but most attacks know that properly configured firewalls are harder to penetrate, so they look for easier victims. This can take the form of DSL lines in laboratories or small offices that are not firewalls, modems and other remote access systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) PBXs, home computers and laptops that are sometimes connected to the corporate network, servers and other internet-based servers, e-mail servers (to perform attacks such as spear phishing) and domain name service (DNS) server accessible from the Internet. All of these usually offer less resistance to attackers than firewalls that offer. That is why it is important that the security of these things is as strong as the firewall.