Concept of social responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical framework and implies that an entity, whether it is an organization or an individual, is obliged to act on behalf of society. In general, Social responsibility is a duty that every individual must take to maintain a balance between the economy and ecosystems. Trade can exist between economic growth, material sense and the well-being of society and the environment, although it has been challenged by many reports over the past decade. Social responsibility means maintaining balance between the two. This refers not only to business organizations, but also to everyone that every action affects the environment. Social responsibility does not belong in this state of affairs. Doing business is doing business. As long as the man earns money, he is excluded from the crunches of society, he has no special obligation and he has no responsibility for the community. "The public is cursed." Social welfare is not his concern. But this attitude is not good in the current dynamic situation. Recognition of social responsibility is called the emergence of 'corporate conscience'. Social roles, expectations, roles, responsibilities, obligations are associated with a certain social status. Each person / group of persons is / are expected to behave, act and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes that fit are defined status or status. Each person is expected to be two or more roles to play. Many states are associated with multiple roles. The various duties associated with a single state called the roll set. Sometimes there are conflicts paper, which means that the conflicting role of each other. This role conflicts can inter-roller, that is, conflicts between two or more rollers. There are also intra-role conflicts, ie conflicts that occur when a person feels tribe and shortcomings in fulfilling a particular role or if there is a gap between what people do and what to expect a group of her. Intra-role conflict might also call roller strain. In other words, there is a collision between the ideal function, which anyone is theoretically expected and actually bring paper, a person accomplishes according to his level of understanding, skills and personality.