Concepts and methods of social status

The social structure of a society or group, there are several positions found to be occupied by a group of individuals. This position is called social status. It is to take over the position or rank of a person or group of people in the social system.
Some of these positions are natural and they are called ascribed social status. They are acquired by birth. For example, if a man or woman, boy or girl, black or white person, a son or daughter, father or mother, etc. Some positions must be achieved in society through the game, efforts, commitments, choices, decisions and other mechanisms called such type of status achieved status. Examples are a man or a woman, a student or a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, an athlete, etc. However, there are a number of states that can be both ascribed and achieved. Thus an Ethiopian by birth or by other mechanisms is the social status.
Every person has at least two social statuses. A person could, for example at the same time a student, a daughter, a mother, an employee, etc. Of the different states they are one or two dominant than others. The most dominant of all is called a dominating position. Achieve social status can be considered the characteristics of modern industrial society. In a traditional society, most social status naturally acquired. For example a potter family can produce the potter's son or daughter. But in modern society, it is usually not the case.