Design Phase of Document

In the design phase of document we have included
·         Our system’s class diagram shows system classes, their attributes, methods and relationships with classes. During the assessment, class charts can be names of objects and how they work together, but as long as the design creates the details of each class, including functions and methods, is shown in the diagram.
·         The database design creates a detailed model of a database with all necessary logical and physical options and storage parameters. The database design is the process for creating a detailed data model of a database. The logical data model contains all the necessary logical and physical design requirements and physical storage parameters that are needed to construct a design in a data definition language, with which a database can be created.
·         The design of the user interface of a system facilitates the end of the task without undue attention. Interface of the user interface are custom diagrams that are used to visually model the system user interface with forms, controls and labels.
·         Implementation of system diagrams. An implementation diagram of the models is a physical application of artifacts in the products. The implementation diagram shows the execution architecture of the systems that represent the assignment (implementation) of software artifacts to implementation goals (usually nodes).
·         Also included test cases of system in the file.