Drugs are Dangerous

The writer will make the point that drugs are bad not only for us but also for our family and friends. When people use drugs, the way their mind and our body work, is changed. They say things that they really want to do. They do not only hurt themselves but also their family and friends.
We live on the same planet. We use the same natural resources, and we take care of the same world. That is how we share the world with each other. Some people are not good at sharing. The people who use drugs create problems. They hurt many people. They do not help to make our world clean and safe place. Drugs are dangerous to use. It makes people sick.

The medications are not the same. Different drugs have different risks associated with them. Some medications (such as alcohol, heroin and tranquillizer) have a calming effect that slows the functioning of the body and the brain. They can have an anesthetic effect that causes dizziness if a lot is taken. Tobacco smoke hurts the lungs and heart of the people who use it. It also causes cancer. Its smoke affects even those people who do not smoke themselves. It can affect learning and memory and cause ugly perceptions, mental problems, problem solving and coordination. The smoke they exhale affects the people around them. It makes their throats to burn and their eyes to redden, when they inhale the smoke of others.
Global 'drug war' has been taking place for 50 years, without the long-term suppression of increasing supply and drug use. These are not the consequences of drug use itself, but a strategy focused on implementation that naturally criminalizes many users , often the most vulnerable in society  and provides organized criminal control over the profession.
Drugs change the way of thinking that is caused may do many things which do not really want to do and after doing wrong things they feel sad or afraid. That is how their health affected. The people who use drugs cannot drive safely. They cause many accidents in which people injured or die. That is how families of the people feel unsafe or hesitate.
Smoking is very harmful habit. Tobacco smoke affects the lungs, the throat, the arteries and the heart. A smoker can fall victim to the diseases like cancer of lungs or throat, hardening of the arteries, and heart failure. What is worse, the smoking not only affects the smoker but also the people who are around him. They can also be stricken by many ailments just by breathing in the smoke of others.