General aspects of software development

·         Requirements for software systems
We discuss some requirements which are most important for software.
Adequacy: First of all, the software system must be an adequate solution to the given problem.
Quality: The quality of a software system is largely determined by reliability, accuracy, reliability, safety and errors.
Modifiability/version update: Changes to the software system for updating updates may be possible in a reasonable effort to adapt the system to new needs or to improve adequacy or quality.
Reusability: It is highly desirable to reprocess the architectural design of the system and the specification or code of the appropriate system components for the improvement of other software systems.
·        Conceptual software development process
There is no generally accepted model for the software development process from a given problem by specifying and designing in a good version of the software system. But we want to devise imaginary stages and steps that are very important the formal aspect of software development.
Stages are indicated by a cloud for the given problem and boxes for late imaginary development stages. The development stages are specifying by horizontal and vertical edges and large clamps to the left and right. Stages and steps are 'imaginary' in the sense that not all are taken within the genuine development process; elements of the system can actually be in different stages and different steps can be carried out simultaneously.