Implementation of Theory of Programming Languages

Procedure for automatically fixing mistakes three main components:
     1.      The first part of the logical look for all kinds of connections to the program the source code for compliance with the standard. On the prototype of fopen () method call it was used exclusively for
the purposes of evaluation, but the prototype can be extended for the second method also requires.
     2.      The second element of logic found missed part of the source code that you should evaluate the cost of the procedure call against NULL, but can be extended for other values as well.
    3.      The third element of logic adds the following missed part of the code or corrects exchange rate in the following areas Source code:
  • ·         Checks the value of the program calls against NULL. 
  • ·         Corrects mistyped FILE 
  • ·         Indicator type name. 
  •     Checking the type of primary function, which comprises calling the use of appropriate return statement.
  •        If the additional "spoofing" This option is used, the tool uses "spoofing" the name of the file to open submit current location. 
  •          Finally, updating tool the source code of the program.