Geographically Pakistan enjoys a unique position. She has common or neighboring boundaries with two world powers: China and the USSR. In the west, Pakistan has common borders with Afghanistan and Iran. They belong to a long chain of Muslim countries which crosses over from Asia into Africa. These countries with their predominantly Muslim populations, attach great importance to their relationship with Pakistan. India lies on Pakistan's eastern border. It is a vast country and to its east is another chain of Muslim countries (BanglaDesh, Malaysia and Indonesia). This has placed Pakistan in an important geographical and political situation.

No country at the present time can afford to exist in isolation. From its very inception Pakistan has tried to maintain a friendly relation with her neighbors. Among her neighbors Afghanistan and India with whom she has seldom enjoyed agreeable or consistently friendly relations. The attitude of Afghan rulers towards Pakistan has mostly been unfriendly. When Pakistan applied for U.N. membership in 1947, Afghanistan was the only country which opposed this application. A few years ago, a visible change had occurred in her attitude when Sardar Dawood had headed the Afghanistan Government. Sardar Dawood visited Pakistan but before relations could improve, his Government was troppled in 1978. Thereafter two other governments fell, and Barbak Karma' came to power.
What then happened, the Russian armed forces literally walked into Afghanistan. Pakistan's stand is quite clear; she wants to establish friendly relations with Afghanistan and desires to settle all the disputes peacefully.
It is a bitter truth that India has not so far accepted Pakistan from the core of her heart. They created problems for the newly born state from the very first day of its creation. Since beginning India wanted to dismember Pakistan. They left no stone unturned to shatter its economy .Owing to these facts, relations between the two countries have seldom been cordial. They waged war on Pakistan on three occasions. They conspired against us, staged a war and forced a surrender of East Pakistan in 1971. The Kashmir dispute could not be settled as yet due to the adamant attitude of India. On the other hand, Pakistan always wanted to settle all the outstanding issues by Peaceful means.
Pakistan has enjoyed cordial relations with Iran since her independence. The two countries are partners in the Regional Co-operation for Development (R.C.D.) which has strengthened their relations still further. The third member of the R.C.D. is Turkey.
Pakistan has common frontiers with China on their northern borders. Abundant goodwill exists in Pakistan for China and they considered a reliable and trustworthy friend. The Chinese also share the same feelings. Our relations with U.S.S.R. have improved considerable. Pakistan views with appreciation the assistance provided by the U.S.S.R., and the efforts made by her to explore oil and set up the steel Mill at Karachi.
Pakistan is a peace loving nation. Its policy is to promote peace and friendship among nations. Pakistan has no aggressive intentions against any country. It wants to maintain peaceful atmosphere.