Many countries in the world offer attractions and tourist facilities that want to visit their country. Tourism actually becomes a commodity. Pakistan has many resorts for excursion and sight- seeing. It is rich due to many historical places.
Pakistan is rich in natural beauty reflected in the Northern part of our country. Our Swat valley is
reminiscent of the European tourists of Switzerland. The snow-covered peak surrounding the valley is gorgeous sight for tourists. In many countries tourist areas are just one nature. But in our country, due to the diversity of our climate, we have a wide variety of such places. Like Swat Gilgit is also rich in the richness of natural landscapes. There are high mountains with high snow there. Among these mountains are the K-2 peak, the second highest in the world. The top of Nanga Parbat is the sixth highest ranking place in the world. Gilgit has ice or glacier fields that offer great opportunities for winter sports. There are many beautiful lakes in the middle of the high mountains. The famous lakes are 'Saiful Mulk' in Kaghan Valley and 'Sat Para' and Kachura Lakes in Skardu. For those who want to enjoy the view of the higher mountains, we have Kaghan's valley. It is 13,589 feet above sea level and is 95 miles long. A new 'Ayubia' health resort is built on all the possibilities of accommodation and excursions for tourists.
There are many picnic areas such as these in the world where today an gorgeous natural landscape and places of historical interest are present. We have the same characteristics in the Swat valley. Here, a tourist interested in history can see the monuments of Buddhism and ancient monasteries. He will see the remains of the cities against which Alexander the Great led his invasion. We have seen many historical sites as sights of ancient cities like Mohen-jo-daro, Harappa, Taxilla etc. We have a historical monument in and around the city of Lahore. We offer many tourist opportunities with interest in birds and animals in the wild. In our forests we have some animals and animals that are very unusual elsewhere.
The tourist industry is growing very well today. It helps us to earn valuable foreign money. Moreover, when foreign tourists arrive, they bring beautiful impressions about our country and our people. Familiar enough is to know people around the world that there are many places worth visiting in our country. We need more of the beautiful hotels, where facilities are available for a comfortable environment. Transportation facilities should be improved. To promote tourist trade, the government established the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). This is the most important organization in the field of tourism.