The Turing Machine May Not Be the Universal Machine

1)      How can you differentiate between Turing machine and Universal machine as discussed in “The Turing Machine May Not Be the Universal Machine”?
      A Turing Machine takes an input string and produces according to its internal
operation or a power string and stops or always calculated. This type of machine can be used to do things like adding numbers, finding circuits in graphs and even in theory of an object that can be represented suitably and solved through a stepwise process. A Universal Turing Machine “U” is a special kind of Turing Machine that takes as input a string that both a Turing Machine “T” say and other input string “I”. U operates simulating T on I, and the output exactly simulate the output of T acting on I. Turing Machine cannot solve practical problems and computers are more similar to unlimited register machine in the way they work in practice. In theory we could do a calculation on a computer using a Turing Machine. We will never meet a problem that Universal Turing Machine can solve.

           2) What types of human and computer relation has been analyzed in “The Turing Machine May Not Be the Universal Machine”?
The growth characteristics of computer hardware is directly related to specific functional characteristics such as speed and memory, while others such as awareness seems not at all changed. If we are on the same scale mass memory, computers seem to be catch-up with human, with a meeting in a decade or so surpass human in mass memory. This leads to predict that soon computer will be as capable as human. If we are on the same scale top mental human characteristics such as intelligence and consciousness, the computer performance remains indistinguishable from zero. Consciousness, intelligence and other leading mental qualities are foreign to today’s computer, despite the significant increase in raw power.

          3) Write the critical review of “The Turing Machine May Not Be the Universal Machine”?
In this topic the researcher have not describe the concept clearly, especially the figures. They can’t provide the paper conceptual framework that is helpful for researcher to understand the main idea of the paper. The conceptual framework also provides the guideline for the researcher, what is described in this paper. If the researcher gives the detailed information with arguments of more than one authors about the figures concepts and conceptual framework, this make the paper effective. If the researcher edited the diagram of Turing VS Universal machine with depth information or elaborates the problem statement “The Turing machine may not be the universal machine” diagram that is most effective for the future researchers or works for further research.
In my point of view, I am not criticize any authors of this paper, just give the point of view according to the this  may be helpful for researchers in future.