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Types of Algebraic Specification languages

Types of Algebraic Specification languages

There are two main languages related to 'Algebraic specification', provided as follows:

(a)   OBJ
OBJ is an algebraic programming method and specific languages introduced by Joseph Goguen in 1976. Specific object-oriented languages are the suppliers of at least three main object-oriented functions like objects, classes and inheritance and based on a semantic model that allows formal manipulation of details.
Specific object-oriented methods are categorised into two main groups. These are categorised according to the following:
·         The first is formed through new languages designed from the beginning after the paradigm.
·         Recording object orientation in existing languages
       (b)   LARCH
Larch language family supports a two-level specification style. A language designed for a specific programming language, Larch Interface Language (LIL) and other languages that are free of programming language, Larch Shared Language (LSL).

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