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Advantages of off-the-shelf Software Packages

Advantages of off-the-shelf Software Packages

Off-the-shelf software is designed to provide a general set of functions that a wide range of customers will find useful. The most popular and most used software is usually available as standard, for example in web browsers, apps and games.
The following are some of the benefits of standard packages.
1. Packages available are cheaper than packages of custom built.
2. They take less time for implementation, because the system is described in detail and the implementation steps are clearly defined.
3. Detailed system documentation, available on the package, makes it easier to use.
4. System design, coding and debugging are minimal because the packages are subject to detailed controls of suppliers.
5. If packages are used for some time, user feedback is available to make a smart choice before a package is purchased and implemented.
6. In general, off-the-shelf packages are better in terms of speed, accuracy and memory requirements.

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