Aims and Objectives of Curriculum

The purpose of the curriculum is much more specific. That is why we use the term aims,
objectives and goals that refer to them.
·         Each curriculum aims to develop students with some skills or skills.
·         The curriculum process must clearly indicate which goal the curriculum aims to achieve.
·         The aims are broad statements about all experiences provided by the curriculum; The goals are linked to specific topics or groups of content within the curriculum; while goals illustrate more specific results that can be achieved as a result of the lessons or teaching in the classroom.
·         Aims must succeed in the development of each individual.
·          Aims are value personal integrity and the ability to discriminate in other parts of the world in a responsible manner.
·         Methods and procedures to be implemented when setting curriculum objectives.
·         Curriculum objectives are executed.
·         The formulation of curriculum objectives must be arranged in a number of ways.
·         Focus on learning activities, materials and academic concepts.
·         Curriculum goals provide support for teachers to make decisions.
·         Direct behavioral change that is the ultimate objectives of learning.
·         Provide bases for selecting study content and learning experiences.
·         Also set the standard against which the research results will be assessed.
·         Develop thinking and reasoning skill.